VBS Day 2!

Day 2 was great at Sonrise National Park! Our 44 participants and 60 volunteers gathered with excitement at the Fireplace where they listened to the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand with only five loaves and two fish. They learned that God will provide for all of our needs and that we should try to provide for others’ needs as well. At the Pavilion the children made a shiny fish to remind them of how Jesus fed the crowds with only a little bit of what one small child offered up. They played sharks and minnows at Geyser Gorge. They learned about how St. Teresa of Avila re-prioritized her life so that she would no longer focus on material things but on her faith in God and love for others. The children made a bet at Campfire Stories that the loaves and gummi fish that they shared there would be enough to feed over 100 of us…and they were right! The children enjoyed a great snack of gold fish and a dirt cup…believe us, it tastes better than it sounds! It was a great day!

Children gather at the Fireplace to listen to the Scripture of the day. 

Children listen to the rules for Sharks and Minnows. No minnows were harmed in the playing of this game… 

Children gather around the erupting geyser to cool off on this hot day!

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