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Grade 10

St. James Religious Education

Tenth Grade Classes for Confirmation Preparation**Class Time: Sun 1:00pm-2:00pm

Faith Formation Calendar Fall 2021


Last year in the “Service” course, students were  given the background on Catholic Social Teaching, participated in service projects, and developed an understanding of the application of the theology.   This was the requirement for ninth grade service. There is no service requirement for 10th Grade; however, this does not exclude students from participating in any parish service opportunity or any community service project. As you learned in your 9th grade Service Course, serving others is our ongoing Christian obligation.


Confirmation Name:

Students need to choose a Confirmation Name. At the baptism of each student, when their parents and godparents accepted this new Christian life for them, the first question asked was “What name do you give your child?”  That name marked the beginning of a new life.  Thus, each student is encouraged to take his or her baptismal name for their Confirmation Name.


Or, you can choose to take the name of any other saint whose life has special meaning for you. The practice of taking a new name dates back to the first Christians.  As they were baptized, they took on a new identity, a new life.   However, if we are to reflect on who those first Christians were, it was most often adults, accepting the faith for themselves.  Therefore, it is not inappropriate for an adolescent to take on a new name as they accept new responsibilities of faith.


Whether it is a new name, or your Christian baptismal name, you are required to write report on a saint. An additional handout will be available regarding the “Saint Report.”  You cannot proceed to Direct Prep without this component completed.


Confirmation Sponsor:

Confirmation sponsors names are to be submitted in writing. If the sponsor is not a member of St. James Parish, they must obtain a Sponsor’s Certificate from their parish.  We need to receive this Certificate by the Student & Sponsor Workshop.


A sponsor may be male or female and must be at least 16 years of age.  A sponsor must be a Confirmed Catholic who is in good standing with the Catholic Church.  It is appropriate that one of your godparents also be your Confirmation Sponsor.  Parents cannot be sponsors.  The reason being, a sponsor is to compliment the parents’ role as a teacher, the first teacher of faith.


A sponsor also needs to be a role model of faith and a “companion on the journey” with the candidate.  Their participation in the direct Confirmation preparation at the end of tenth grade is welcomed, but not required.  They will be asked to maintain contact with the student throughout the tenth grade year, attend a Workshop with the student in January, and attend the last rehearsal prior to the Confirmation Ceremony.

Sponsors must be chosen and submitted in writing to Mrs. Davis.  You cannot proceed to Direct Prep without this component completed.


Confirmation Preparation


It is expected that students are fulfilling their Sunday and Holy Day obligations through attendance at Mass.

            During our Direct Preparation, students will be expected to be present for their Rite of Acceptance Mass which takes place at our 11:45AM Sunday Mass.  This is an opportunity for the parish to participate in your preparation through prayer, but also to continue to learn as well regarding their faith and the Sacraments.  Sponsors are encouraged to attend if possible, but it is not mandatory.

Students are also encouraged to participate in several other liturgical events throughout the years such as: Marian Devotions in October and May, Stations of the Cross, Lessons and Carols and the seasonal Penance Services.


Direct Preparation:

A student may proceed to direct preparation for Confirmation if they have:

  • Submitted their Confirmation name, Saint’s Report and Sponsor’s name.
  • Completed one Confirmation retreat.
  • Completed the required courses in 9th and 10th grades (taking into account the SCC exceptions):
  • Church
  • Old Testament
  • Sacraments
  • Service
  • Morality
  • Scripture


There will be no less than five weeks of Direction Preparation.  These sessions will include the following:

  • Class on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Class on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • Class on the Rite of Confirmation: Signs and Symbols
  • Vocation and Parish Ministries
  • Class on the Hierarchy of the Church

Confirmation Liturgy is Sunday April 22nd 2018 at 2pm with Bishop Cunningham.

Faith Formation Calendar Fall 2021

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