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Attendance is by reservation only.

All seating will be in the center aisles. Please come in through the side entrance. For Communion, please approach by the center aisle, one at a time, leaving at least six feet between you and the person in front of you. Receive on the hand, move to the side (6′) lift your mask to receive, return by the side aisle.


We are starting slowly in this process of opening our Masses for public worship. This weekend, Pentecost Sunday, we will have one Mass at 9:15, which, as we have been doing, will be livestreamed. Go to and select the Mass. We have all the people we can accept this Sunday. At present, we can only have ten people in attendance for Mass. This includes the ministers. When we get permission to include more parishioners we will let you know. On Trinity Sunday, June 7, we will have two Masses at 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM. On the weekend of Corpus Christi will will add the 5:00 Vigil Mass on Saturday evening, along with the 8:00 and 10:30. We are using these times to allow for the directive of the bishop to sanitize the church after each Mass. Below are the guidelines for your participation.

  1. TELEPHONE RESERVATION – If you wish to attend Mass, please call the Rectory Office Phone (607) 729-6147 before the preceding Thursday prior to the Mass and leave the following information: Your Name, Call Back Phone No., Mass You Wish to Attend, Number of Household Members Attending. You will be allocated a numbered pew in the church. You may also register to attend daily Mass beginning June 1. Daily Mass for now is at 5:30 PM. We can allow ten to attend for now. The requirements are the same as for Sunday Mass.
  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING & PROTECTING OTHERS – All parishioners attending Mass must abide by the social distancing (6’ of separation per household) markings on the pews. All parishioners must wear face masks and, if possible, bring their own hand sanitizer. All non-sacramental social gathering, including before or after Mass in the church or parking lot, is prohibited.
  1. SAFETY & HYGIENE – Safety and attention to personal hygiene is the duty of every individual. We are truly “working together to stay safe and healthy!” Anyone attending Mass does so at his/her own volition. Those who are sick, symptomatic of COVID-19 or vulnerable due to age or underlying health conditions should remain at home and should not volunteer for ministries at church.
  1. ENTERING CHURCH – For the next couple of weeks, until we can allow more parishioners to attend, enter by the parking lot entrance to the church. The usher will help you find your pew. No collection will be taken up but a collection basket will be near the entrance. Once we have moved into the next phase of public worship and can allow more to attend we will ask that you enter through the main entrance on Main Street using the middle door. Again, the ushers will assist you in finding your pew. Please go directly to your pew. The congregation will be dismissed by sections. Please go immediately out of the church using the door designated by the usher.
  1. RECEPTION OF HOLY COMMUNION – The distribution of Most Holy Communion will occur at Mass as follows. All in attendance will approach the sanctuary from the center aisle beginning with those in the side aisle pews. Please follow the instructions of the ushers and form a single line, 6’ apart. After the faithful receive the Eucharist in the hand, step aside 6 feet, lift the mask with one hand and consume the Host with the other before returning to the pew by the side aisles. The Bishop has asked all to receive in the hand, following the recommendations by the CDC, WHO, and a blue-ribbon panel of Catholic doctors. As the Bishop says in his letter of May 27: “There is nothing irreverent about receiving Communion in the Hand as long as it is done in the proper manner of making a throne for Christ and not taking it like a piece of candy. The great St. Charles Borromeo, who became the Archbishop of Milan at age 27, and whose pastoral ministry and writings I admire greatly, instituted this practice in his diocese when northern Europe was battling the plague in 1576-1578.” 

We ask your patience as we navigate this reopening of our parish liturgies. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused all of you. We pray that soon we will all be back together to celebrate the Mass as a community. God bless all of you and we pray for your health, both physical and spiritually.

 Your clergy: Father Charles, Deacon Ed and Deacon Bill

Bishop Letter to People 5-27-20


The ordination will take place on Saturday, June 19 at 3:00 in St. James Church. Attendance is by invitation only.

A reminder – envelopes may be mailed or placed in the mail slot at the Parish Office. 

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Welcome to St. James

St. James is a Roman Catholic parish, located in Johnson City, NY in the Diocese of Syracuse.

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Mass Schedule & Directions

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil: 5:00pm

Sunday: 7:30am, 9:15am, 11:45am

1st & 3rd Sundays (Vietnamese): 4:00pm

Daily Mass Schedule

Monday - Friday: 6:45am

Morning Prayer

Monday - Friday: 7:15am


Saturdays: 3:45-4:30pm

Holy Hour

1st Monday of the Month: 7:00pm

Holy Day Masses

Day of: 6:30am, 9:00am

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147 Main Street
Johnson City, NY 13790
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